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News / 03.10.2009

Conference Conference of the International Bar Association 04. - 09. Oktober 2009 in Madrid Payment Machanisms How to structure an international sales contract? Programme Download Jürgen Brandstätter - Regulatory Framework for New Payment Mechanisms (presentation) Download Jürgen Brandstätter - How to Structure an International Sales Contract (presentation) Download Preeti Mehta - Payment Mechanisms in...

News / 11.10.2008

Conference of the International Bar Association 12. - 17. October 2008 in Buenos Aires International consignment sales and parallel imports When is advertising truly green? Jürgen Brandstätter - Consignment sales and parallel imports (presentation) Download Lukas Bühlmann - "Green" advertising - a Swiss perspective (presentation) Download Rafael Dillon - "Green Advertising" in...

News / 13.10.2007

Conference of the International Bar Association October 14 - 19 2007 in Singapore Alternative methods of payment Understanding Employment and Labour Law in Asia Programme Download Jürgen Brandstätter - Alternative methods of payment (presentation) Download Emma H. C. Lee - Internet and mobile payments in the US (lecture) Download Dominic Hui - Collective Rights...

News / 05.03.2007

On March 6th 2007, we hosted a seminar on the new Austrian Commercial Code (Unternehmensgesetzbuch) exclusively for our clients in the State Rooms of the "Kaiserhaus". Ms. Dr. Sonja Bydlinski (Federal Ministry of Justice), Mr. Dr. Wolfgang König (ITS International Tax Service GmbH) and Mr....

News / 21.02.2007

The article by Mag. Árpád Geréd was published in "10 Jahre IRIS: Bilanz und Ausblick, Tagungsband des 10. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik Symposions IRIS 2007". Further informations can be found under Publications. Programme Download Árpád Geréd - Agenten und technische Dienstleister (presentation) Download Barbara Schlossbauer - Domainstreitigkeiten (presentation) Download ...